The 3 Classifications Of The Oakley Sunglasses

If you ask anyone who has had to buy some sunglasses, the Oakley sunglasses are among the most popular. Indeed, they are not just popular for their own sake, but they are of extremely high quality and they are known to be very stylish. If you are planning to buy some Oakley sunglasses, it is advisable that you pay attention to the type that you are looking for so that you can make a sober decision. The three classifications are as follows:

The Sport Sunglasses

These sunglasses are to be used to protect the eyes from discomfort and injury when you are in a sport. Whether you are talking about cycling or swimming, the Oakley sunglasses have been known to be one of the most favorite models among sportsmen. There are so many models under this category, and they range from M frame Strike and Radar Path to Zero S and Split Jacket. There are so many, and it is important that you first understand the sport that you are going to play before picking on the right one.

The Active Sunglasses

Some Oakley sunglasses can also be categorized as active. These sunglasses are those that are specifically meant for those people who would like to focus on style rather than functionality. On its website, the company claims that the sunglasses under this category are for those people who have absolutely no regard for what the world thinks. It also says something about style being personal. Here, we have models such as the Scalpel, the Cross hair, the splinter and so on. It is important that when you are selecting sunglasses under this category, you know your personality very well so that you do not buy something that will end up portraying you in a way that you would not want to be portrayed.

Lifestyle Oakley Sunglasses

These Oakley Sunglasses are designed for those people who have no option but to wear glasses. However, unlike the many sunglasses that focus only on providing a cover for the eyes without providing a cover for the image, the lifestyle glasses manage to do both. Under this category, we have glasses such as the Batwolf and the Plaintiff that go for $120 and $150 respectively. However, if you are looking for models that will sell for less than $100, you have models such as the Antix, Hinjix, and the Five squared among others.