TGP can be helpful to Prevent HIV/AIDS

Now an afternoon AIDS is increasing all around the global in an good sized role. No country should face it efficaciously. It turns very specific function in some international locations of Africa like Uganda, Gayer, Cambodia, and Sub Sahara region and many others. East Asian some nations also are suffering from this. In South Asian country like India is the second biggest u . s . within the international for HIV/ AIDS. There are five.1 million people carry or suffer of this. it is going to be the main purpose of our united states for vulnerable of HIV/ AIDS. due to the fact we should rely in numerous cause of that u . s . a ..

in particular our internal enterprise absolutely depends on it. Such there many way we sure to go India. Burma is some other neighbor usa is already a huge number affected in here. AIDS surveillance professional Mr. Parvage Shajjad Mollik stated, “there are so many cultural values and socio good value structures are answerable for this growing like this dieses, poverty and illiteracy is also answerable for this growing. This indicator isn’t always fully responsible however it helps to trade behavior on in order that. So if we want to save you of this before everything we must emphasize to try and exchange sexual behavior. We did achievement to discover our prone target groups and why they end up susceptible”.

HIV/ AIDS is a sexual disease, however it is deferent from other sexual transmission disease (STDs, STI). other STDs have right medication and these diseases do not create purpose of die, but AIDS could be very risky, there aren’t any any opportunity way to continue to exist after it infection, it is able to stop of lifestyles. We discover first vulnerable organization in Bangladesh is injection drug user (IDUs) and 2nd is expert sex worker. there are many cause each year are increasing IDUs all over in Bangladesh.

It clean to get in every area in Bangladesh and chipper than different is the principle motive for this; different reasons are political and socio-low cost frustrations. ultimate year 4th surveillance document changed into approximately four% IDUs are inflamed with HIV/AIDS all over in Bangladesh, however after 12 months we see the only vicinity of Dhaka metropolis this improve to eight.9%, this report we get from fifth surveillance survey. This ratio can be clouded in our social norm and may help to abate our reasonably-priced situation. Our u . s . is very poor so we are not able to face a large variety of patients like this ailment.

So we must take necessary steps to save you it is increasing. We need numerous degree of advocacy champing to build up awareness of HIV/AIDS. We need to encourage gender/ reproductive fitness training, which now not most effective prevent HIV/AIDS but also help to prevent others STDs/STI (Sexual Transmission ailment). we are able to have an effect on our government schooling authority to consist of about HIV/AIDS info our number one and secondary level’s curriculum.

Gender education is essential in our u . s . a .’s adolescent boys & women. This training can play a vital role of empowerment our illiterate society. it is able to help to expand our adolescent right into a proper expertise. spiritual superstition & fundamentalism prevents to get such type of schooling from their childhood. however this know-how may be very important for intellectual & physical improvement, it is able to help their social interplay, social behavior, reproductive fitness & sanitation, sexual conduct, to capable of adopt all varieties of social trade, to awareness them of their rights and many others. in my opinion lack of information those possible create other problems.

We additionally increase peer educator for expert sex employee, peer educator way a group of individual or man or woman who’re take from goal group or brothel to give them proper education. After schooling they could able to awareness others.

We want to take TGP (target institution Promoter) strategy for residence or other sex employee. it’s miles very affected for residence intercourse workers or hidden intercourse people. TGP is a newly invention concept (Proved by Rainbow Nari O Shishu Kallyan foundation) which assist to save you HIV/AIDS. TGP is a one form of supply/ broker/ sealer (called in Bengali is Dalal), who collects clients/ clients for residence intercourse people; they inspire people to shop for intercourse. without TGP (Their nominated source) the residence intercourse worker doesn’t permit any new client. TGP will play a critical roll in our action. residence sex workers (RSW) lives collectively 3 to ten in a house. They preserve their commercial enterprise beneath a steering or Governance or a Teem leader (is known as Sharderni in Bengali).

these teem leaders communicate with some neighborhood humans, who assist them with the aid of delivering purchaser or customer, these human beings is called source (in Bengali known as Dalal). They depend on each other. some times the ones assets shelter them from local surprising state of affairs or from police harassment. If we should hold this action then TGP will play very vital role. due to the fact house intercourse employees do not live long term in a residence, they trade their residence after 3 to six months, however they continually maintain touch with their source (TGP) for continuing their business. For this motives TGP is very critical programme.

In a few regions a collection of drug consumer uses one syringe when they take drug. it’s miles very risky for growing HIV/AIDS. So we must try to alert them, and supply recommendation them two or more drug person do not use drug by means of a one syringe.

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