Oakley Sunglasses – Useful Information About Oakley Sunglasses

While other designer or brand name sunglasses emphasize fashion over optics Oakley sunglasses are different. This company’s name implies both the ability to accentuate physical beauty and the tendency to stretch the limits of optic perfection. A number of well thought out features make Oakley sunglasses stand out from the pack.

Transitions Optical Inc. joined with the Oakley company to produce a sunglass line with the ability to change lens shades in accordance with light levels. Impact resistance plays a vital role in the staying power of Oakley sunglasses in the marketplace. No one even wants to watch the impact test videos on Oakley sunglasses web site because it’s just too scary. The really frightening part though is the realization of serious injuries which can and frequently do occur when such impact standards are not met.

Oakley sunglasses have taken concern for vision safety to the next level. Perhaps no other branded sunglasses offer the same standards. These meet or exceed ANSI safety standards. Common sense dictates that anyone who regularly engages in active outdoor sports will buy the best eye protection available. It further demands that anyone who is employed in an outdoor work environment will exercise the same caution. Oakley sunglasses are in the zone!

Offering a line of industrial spec sunglasses and goggles there isn’t a reason one to risk side impact or head on eye injuries with Oakley in the work place. Fashionable colors and attractive styling set these apart from nerdy company shades. No more grumbling and reluctance to wear safety goggles when Oakley is the smart supervisor’s choice. These even provide some safety from lasers which are becoming more prevalent in modern work place equipment.

The most exciting sunglass model in the Oakley sunglass line is the Oakley Split THUMP. This incredible sunglass model combines optical excellence with the convenience of a plug-in MP3 player with speakers. Hundreds of favorite tunes can accompany the wearer to the beach or just work without cumbersome and potentially dangerous hardware. Recharge easily with lighter adapter on the drive home for more use during recreational pursuits. Available accessories include storage case with built-in docking station.

Admittedly more expensive than the dollar store sunglasses, the Oakley Split THUMP retails between $249 to $299. Still when compared to designer sunglasses which can carry a price tag of $700 or more these are actually a very practical purchase. Keep in mind here that if impressing people is a concern the Oakley THUMP couldn’t be more capable of the task. Others may try to impress people with nothing more than a designer’s name but the wearer of a pair of Oakley Split THUMP sunglasses can download favorite tunes in their eyewear. Now that’s a trump card.

When other sunglasses were designed for some functionality and a lot of fashion sense Oakley sunglasses left the pack and let function rule. Perhaps the most innovative team of engineers to tackle eyewear since Ben Franklin invented the bifocal, Oakley left the others in the dust.

Oakley Sunglasses

The Oakley sunglasses are the renowned ones for the sporting kind. The sports like skiing and snow boarding, require you to have certain kind of sunglasses that will help you have a better vision and makes you comfortable. Oakley are the perfect glasses that are tailor made to suit such needs.

But when you see the price tags of the Oakley sunglasses, most of us will feel it reasonably high priced, but you never regret the price you paid because the Oakley shades can be with you for many years. The have long life, if you preserve them well.

The Oakley sunglasses are to a great extent dust and scratch proof, they look brand new, for long long time. But make sure you don’t fail to keep them safe. Keep the sunglasses, in the provided case which can protect your sunglasses from potential harm. The oakley sunglasses are to be taken care in the best way not only for the money, but because they become an integral part of you as they remain in your pocket for a very very long time.

To be sporty, you have to have the Oakley! The range of sports glasses can get you the one you like, for any sports. The main thing is the maintenance. Don’t let the children, jump on it or stamp on it, because that’s how many cases of breakage occur. Scratch proof doe not stop it from getting broken.

You have the Oakley for sometime and it become the best part of the attire you like, as they are not only providing you vision in sports, but a trendy look.

Oakley Sunglasses – Women Love Great Protection From the Suns Harmful Rays

If you are a lady that wants to impress then you will be concerned about fashionable Oakley sunglasses women. These sunglasses deliver exactly what a woman wants. They add a sophisticated look that is not too feminine. The design is edgy, but also sporty.

Female Oakley’s have only been manufactured for the past few years. Oakley simply customized all the great elements of the male sunglasses and placed them into the female styles. There are many great looks and styles. The wonderful thing about these sunglasses is that you can wear them for every day purposes.
You can wear them with a t shirt and jeans for the ultimate summer day look. Although they might not withstand the vigorous activity that sport requires they certainly deliver fashion trend. Each pair has been crafted to perfection with wonderful frames that stand out from the rest.

The frames are built with a feminine design that provides a lightweight and comfortable fit. They are light and easy to carry around for use all day long. Each pair has been designed with advanced eye care technology utilising High Definition Optics to provide total clarity. There is no optical distortion whatsoever, unlike there is with some brands of polarized lens.

You will feel completely protected from the suns harmful rays and you will look stylish too. Oakley can also provide a pair of sunglasses that cover prescription lenses so that people with less than perfect vision can see where they are going this summer. They are reasonably priced with normal lenses being less expensive than polarized ones.

You get good quality for money and Oakley sunglasses women will last a long time also. There is also a wide selection of colour combinations so you can pick your style to suit your character. You will also receive a case with every pair of Oakley sunglasses. These are definitely worth the money because they are sheer quality.

Oakley Sunglasses For Women

For women sunglasses compliment our look and are certainly a fashion statement. Not to forget the real reason behind wearing our sunnies … the bright sun and glare. That’s why women’s Oakley sunglasses are so popular they bring practicality and fashion together.

There is something for every woman in the Oakley sunglasses range. Just to mention a few:-

The Breathless Sunglasses are designed to portray sophistication and confidence. They have an ultra light frame, a three-point fit for all day comfort and filters out all UV.

The Polarized Flaunt Sunglasses are an original and outspoken design, they are uniquely feminine. With the HD Polarized lenses, they offer 99% polarized efficiency, optimized peripheral vision with six base lens curvature. Impact resistance meets basic standards and glasses come with exclusive eye-wear case.

Oakley LIV sunglasses offer high definition optics with Plutonite lens material to filer out all UV while also having varied field and light transmission. They are very feminine, impact resistance meeting basic standards, offer all day comfort while also being ultra-lightweight and the eye-wear case is included.

The Women’s Dart Iridium Sunglasses feature a feminine frame, detailed hinge webbing and metal icons. They filter out 100% UV while maximising clarity at all vision angles with patented optics. Eye-wear case included.

Oakley Dart sunglasses offer comfort and durability, they are highlighted by the smooth contour of a single continuous lens. The High Definition Optics offer wide peripheral view. They are lightweight and can be fitted with optional gradient lens shading. The glasses assist in protecting eyes from the sun’s damaging light, no UV rays make it through the optical Plutonite lens material.

No matter which model of Oakley sunglasses you choose, you will be investing in good quality glasses that offer your eyes exceptional protection. They are designed for comfort and practicality while also being trendy.