Oakley Sunglasses Women Will Love to Wear

Look for the distinctive widened ‘O’ shaped icon on the sides of Oakley sunglasses women are wearing today. This will tell you they shopped for good quality eye wear meant to block out all of the most harmful rays of the sun and provide impact resistance for a sturdy product. They sell regular lenses or polarized ones in many cases, allowing for reduced glare and best comfort.

Frames take on everything from subtle black or brown to bright, vivid hues. The Oakley Active range features the Forsake line. Choose from an extensive selection of Lifestyle sunglasses including Oakley Cover Store, with its straight brow and glossy enamel workings. Adjustable nose pads and light frames give the wearer particular comfort.

Rounder Vacancy lenses come framed in abalone or black. The Discreet line satisfies your fun side with bright colors like purple, merlot and jade. Experience high quality from all sides, including peripheral protection, without sacrificing vibrant style.

M Frame Sweep refers to a product with hinged frame meant for sport wear. Five shapes interchange for versatility, though without your losing high tech protection on the tennis court or cycling trail. Experience clear angles of vision for every sudden move. Nosebombs and ear socks add grip and comfort to a sweaty face. Combine with your prescription in white, black or red frames suggestive of high tech. The woman wearing these glasses will look like she means business.

Asian Fit refers to frame design. If you find that regular sunglasses slip from your nose, consider trying on a pair in this shape. They offer a narrow bridge, frame turned in very slightly at the top, plus a screw-in nose pad for easy adjustment. Glasses available in this shape include one called Trouble, plus Split Jacket sports sunglasses. Split Jacket provides interchangeable lenses. Enjoy the benefits of smudge resistance, while rain water will not dry in streaks. Your lenses even repel dust.