List of latest hairstyles of 2017

There are many different hairstyles for men, but short hairstyles are much more attractive than medium and long hairstyles. Many times how a man carries his hair can give an insight on himself, and he wants people to feel about him.

Short hairstyles can be fun, stylish and unique, and are available as classic hairstyles for famous men. As for women, there are unique short hairstyles that look good if they are matched with the correct shape of the face.

The Buzz hairstyle is one of the short hairstyles that has remained popular for decades for men. This cut is one step away from being bald as it is the very close haircut. This is a cut traditionally associated with the military. There are several types of buzz cut as there are buzz cut with bangs and also faded buzz cut.
The Caesar cut has a straight horizontal fringe. If you need pictures, then look at Julius Caesar as this is his style of hair cut. Another fun and unusual hairstyle for men is the faux hawk. Unlike the real f Mohawk, faux hawk is styled so that it looks like a Mohawk; you do not have to shave off the side of your hair.
The business man style is traditional and is a very conservative type of hairstyle. As the name suggests, it looks very professional. This type of hairstyle can have many variations, but the basis of the cut includes tapering on the sides and the back side with of the head.
The fade is another short hairstyle for men who have many variations. There is a flat top fade, temple fade, low fade, Brooklyn Fade and Philly fade but a few. It’s a type of tapered hairstyle. In general, the hair is cut very close to the back and sides and then is tapered upwards.
Trendy Short Hairstyle For Women
Short hairstyles are great because they are not only stylish but also easy to maintain. If you are interested in short hair, here are some of the best styles to be followed:

Chin length – From its name, it’s a style that features hair that does not go beyond the chin. For best results, make sure to wear your hair soft and easy waves. The good side of this style is that you can carry them in a casual and professional environment. To make your hair look good, you should consider using the rollers and curling irons.
Pixie – Just like any other short hairstyle, this style needs minimal maintenance. This is because all you require to do is to wash it. To give it some shape you ought to add a little bit of hair product. To maintain the look for a long time, you need to trim it on a primary of five weeks.
The Bob – This is great as it comes in various ways. For example, it comes as a blunt or layered cut. Further to this, you can wear it in some respects. For example, you can wear it with or without bangs. If you want a dramatic look, you should blow out the hair so that it becomes super straight. You ought to complete the look by applying a high-gloss polished.
Sexy soccer mom – This cut is longer at the front (about chin length) but shorter at the back. For a fantastic look, you should make it spiky by using gels and hair sprays.
Asymmetrical – This is a dramatic hairstyle and you have to go for it if you are very confident about yourself and you don’t mind odd stares. The good side of it is that it gives you an edgier, high-fashion appearance.
5 Reasons Why Girls Go For Short Hairstyles

A Sign of Rebellion – It’s a way to reject gender expectations and show that not only guys can have short hair. Some girls do it to express themselves in a manner that says, “I’m different, and I don’t care what you think!”
Coping With Stress – Sometimes out of nowhere a girl takes the sharp plunge of chopping off her beautiful tresses. Researchers say that girls who go through terrible breakups cut their hair as a coping mechanism. Getting over someone after an awful breakup can be hard. But, hair is the one thing a girl can control the situation and gives aid to move on.
Being A Mother – Some women say that being a mother is a great reason for going for a shorter look. With a new baby, it’s hard to find time to keep up on looks. It could also be because kids love to pull on and rip out longer hair. Going short solves that trouble.
It’s Time For Change – Eventually, every person feels an urge to change something drastic in their life at least once. Some ladies take to changing the soaps they’re using, some change their outfits, and some change the hairstyle they sport. Short hairstyles are becoming more popular, and more ladies want to try it out. It’s a way to create a fresh start and redefine who they are.
Long Hair Can Be a Burden – Long hair needs a lot of effort. It takes a lot of products to maintain it beautiful, and after time the costs add up. It ends up getting in food or clogging the drains. In the summer time, it gets hot! When it comes to long hair and short hair, most women agree that short hair wins on being less burdensome

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