How to Plan for Your Spells in Clash of Clans?

If using Th9 war base then you need to strategize your spells usage as well. Planning your spells perfectly and too correctly is the foremost requirement of this war base. Do not make your game play chaotic for you. More troops on your war base that means more chaos for you. Less troops means less chaos. Instead of deploying more and more troops, use spells either. Further players will progress to higher and advanced stages of this game, more conscious they need to become regarding their attacking and spell usage strategy. Drop your spells in such manner that you can instantly get maximum benefit from them. Before you drop a spell, you will only get fractions of second time to make a decision. Make a brief plan before dropping any spell that where you will drop your Spell and when you will drop it!

Where a player should be dropping spells?

  • Playing from town hall 9 war base, players should completely know that where they should be dropping and using their Spells. Do keep certain areas and set locations in your mind. If using Freeze Spell then always use it right in core area of your war base. Jump spells should be dropped near to wall areas. Drop Healing spells exactly in path and way of Hog riders.
  • Drop Poison spell always on clan castle troops. Around locations and surroundings of Hidden Teslas, you can use Jump spell. And then Freeze Spell has to be dropped on Inferno Tower.

At what time players should be dropping spells?

  • While having your play from town hall 9 war base, do make a plan that when exactly and at what time you can drop Spells. You can make a general order for your spell usage.
  • As soon as you see that defending clan castle troops are coming out, you can right away drop poison spell.
  • When your troops will be near to clan castle then drop rage spell as soon as possible.
  • When you see that your troops are within your range and all of the buildings which are present before Town Hall are destroyed totally then drop this Jump spell.
  • The minute Inferno tower will start to target your troops then drop Freeze spell on it.

Keep a close eye on your troops and too on your Spells. Avoid mistakes when using Spells in Clash of Clans. Make a couple of strong attacks while using and dropping spells. Think a lot before you decide that you are going to drop a spell on your attacker. Your dropped spells should work effectively. If you’re dropped spells are not working for you then hit upon another strategy. These tiny spells come with bigger magic. Right use of them can bring down your enemies on their knees. So are you following with right set of strategy while dropping spells.

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